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Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Home
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Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Home

No need to scrub long.
Perfectly clean oil and dirt, and absords water.
Easy washable and durable.

Products Information

Uses : Kitchen, Furniture, Bathroom, Window, Car, etc.
Size : 30X30cm, 32X32cm, 40X40cm, etc.
Finish : Sewing, Logo printing, etc.
Material : SUEDE, TERRY-T, TERRY-M, XLH-02,03...06, etc.
Packing : Bulk packing, Individual packing, etc.

Item Composition Weight
XLH-02 Polyester80% + Polyamide20% 230gr/sqm
XLH-03 Polyester80% + Polyamide20% 310gr/sqm
XLH-04 PET87% + Nylon13% 320gr/sqm
XLH-05 Polyester85% + Polyamide15% 340gr/sqm
XLH-06 Polyester80% + Polyamide20% 320gr/sqm
SUEDE Polyester85% + Polyamide15% 200gr/sqm
TERRY-T Polyester80% + Polyamide20% 310gr/sqm
TERRY-M Polyester50% + Polyamide13% + Cotton37% 690gr/sqm
WAFFLE Polyester80% + Polyamide20% 370gr/sqm

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