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Professional HYOSUNG

Since its establishment in 1957, Hyosung Corporation has become one of Korea's leading industrial conglomerates and has contributed greatly to the rapid success of the Korean economy.

Hyosung's success is mainly attributed to its leading edge production and product technology as well as a unwavering commitment to quality.

Furthermore, Hyosung's global network of over 30 overseas subsidiaries and satellite offices has enabled it to effectively expand its presence in diverse fields such as apparel and industrial Synthetic Fibers, Specialty Chemicals, Industrial Machinery, Construction & Development, Information Technology, and International Trade.

By combining the corporate pillars of technology and quality together with its overseas network, the Hyosung Corporation has become the leading multi-national corporation as seen today.

In order to prepare itself for the new challenges of tomorrow, the Hyosung Corporation has completed a major corporate re-organization into autonomous Performance Units and Performance Groups in order to strengthen the link between performance and accountability.

Hyosung now stands ready to undertake the new challenges facing global corporations in the borderless 21st century as they seek ways to improve performance and continue building shareholder and corporate value.

Regardless of the challenges, Hyosung maintains its original commitment to the credo of 'Professionalism'.

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