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Human's efforts for more brilliant and convenient life has changed the dream to the reality. HYOSUNG's research centers as the source of the advanced technology are aiming for leading technology development and top-quality in the world. In January 1971, HYOSUNG established the first private-sector research institute in Korea and has consistently expanded R&D investment and currently has 8 research centers in fibers, chemicals, heavy industry, and telecommunications, realizing the reality-based R&D and concentrating on development of customer-oriented and high-value-added products. Efforts for the future of HYOSUNG and the world - It is the will of HYOSUNG R&D professionals.

Major R&D Result

2000 : Nylon optical fiber
Chloride/Heatproof Spandex
PET Fireproof Yarn
PET Super Low Stretch Yarn
PEN Tire Cord Yarn
Heatproof PET Resin for Bottle
Molecule-combined Nylon
HCPP(High Crystalline PP)
Digital Protective Relay GAS VT
Preventive Diagnosis System for 765kV Substation Equipment
1999 : PET M-2 Technology
Far-infrared ray Nylon fiber
765kv three phase 2000MVA ultra high-voltage transformer
2Break 800kv GIS
1998 : HTS special yarn and POY HTS process
Water-soluble Chitosan acid
362kV 63kA 8000A GIS
1997 : Low melting-point bonding yarn
Micro-organism contactor
1996 : Composite synthetic resin, yarn and textile for air bags
1994 : PET high strength, low contractility Tire Cord
Reverse osmosis membrane water purifier
13.2kV electric motor for nuclear power plants
1993 : Waste-water disposal equipment
1992 : Nylon Micro Fiber(1denier)
Dry spinning spandex
1991 : New synthetic fiber with worsted wool texture
1990 : Heat-retaining thermal fabric
Artificial marble
1989 : Nylon high-fine yarn
1988 : Peach Skin fabrics
1987 : NY-66 resin
1986 : PET hollow yarn
1984 : PP resin
1983 : Nylon/PET Ultra-fine mixture yarn
Artificial turf
1982 : 345kV extra high-voltage three phase transformer for the nuclear power plant
1980 : NSY(Non Sizing Yarn)
1978 : Polyester Tire Cord
1976 : PET bichloride yarn and dope dyed black yarn
1975 : Anti-static yarn
1973 : UV stabilizer for polyamide
1972 : Waterproofing material

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